uninstalling SpeedyFixer

is also Easy .

    SpeedyFixer Member Center >> Uninstall SpeedyFixer
To uninstall SpeedyFixer, We have 2 mothods:

Notice: Before uninstallation, please ensure you have completely shut down SpeedyFixer.
(To check out if SpeedyFixer is still running on your computer, you can click "show hidden icons" and see if SpeedyFixer exists or not. If it still exists, please right click the icon and choose "Exit")
Method 1
Step One: Click "Start" and Search for "SpeedyFixer", you will see "Uninstall SpeedyFixer". Click it and choose "No" in the pop up window.

Step Two: Click the button [I want to uninstall anyway] in the pop-up interface which ask you wethere you want a special offer.

Method 2
Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu. When the Start Menu opens, Click on the Control Panel Menu Option. Double-click on the "Add or Remove Programs" icon. Scroll down the list until you find SpeedyFixer, click the icon and hit the "Remove" button.